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Unwavering Digital Protection

Your one-stop solution for securely storing & accessing your digital documents anytime, anywhere


Introduction to CertVault

CertVault revolutionizes document management with blockchain technology, offering unparalleled advantages. By harnessing blockchain's immutable ledger, it ensures tamper-proof records and enhanced transparency. This innovative approach not only digitizes manual processes but also fortifies data security and privacy, setting a new standard in document management solutions

100% Protection

Files stored on immutable blockchain ensure 100% protection against tampering and unauthorized access


Registration process secures data with encrypted OTPs, ensuring safe access to sensitive information


Your data is hack-proof, secured with encryption and hashing techniques for utmost protection

Flexible Integration

We seamlessly integrate third-party services/APIs as required for enhanced functionality and flexibility

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Audit Features

Transaction history and audit features facilitate comprehensive backtracking for enhanced transparency & accountability

Proof of Origin

We prevent fraudulent activities using the proof of origin technique for enhanced security measures

Compliance Assurance

Unwaveringly reliable, our system ensures adherence to local regulations, guaranteeing consistent compliance with established rules and standards


Digitized process speeds up document issuance and retrieval, removing paperwork for improved efficiency

Who are the ideal users can benefit from using CertVault?

Finance, Banking & Insurance

Sensitive document handling, including multi-step authentication, regulatory compliance, secured encrypted transactions, digital identity verification (KYC), and asset management, can be seamlessly integrated with CertVault for enhanced security and efficiency.

Educational Institutions, Corporate training, Online learning 

CertVault allows educational institutions and training providers to securely distribute digital certificates upon course completion. Recipients can securely access, download, and share anytime as needed

Legal and Statutory

CertVault can be considered a safeguard for legislative records, strengthening digital identity protection and securing biometric data, ensuring comprehensive security and compliance measures.

Telecom and E-Commerce

Telecom businesses benefit from CertVault for maintaining immutable contracts and managing royalties/assets, while e-commerce can utilize it for product identification and warranty tracking

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