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Our Products

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CertVault is blockchain-based document management software that digitizes the complete manual work and uses our advanced techniques to guarantee uncompromised data Security and Privacy

Financial Report


Appbeez provides advanced ATM monitoring solutions, allowing banks and financial institutions to monitor their ATM networks in real-time, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing service disruptions


Text To Speech

Appbeez offers a tailored TTS solution for seamless transactions in 32 languages, including 12 Indian regional languages. In ATM multi-vendor software, monitoring, & endpoint protection, TTS played a key role in integrating 50,000+ terminals from various OEM vendors in India



Leveraging data-driven insights, AppBeez introduces Caspulse-AI, the cash forecasting engine for ATMs. This innovative solution utilizes predictive analytics to enable proactive maintenance, forecast cash demand, and enhance operational efficiency



BOSEC is a terminal security solution provided by AppBeez. It is designed to enhance the security of terminals, particularly in the banking and financial sector. BOSEC aims to protect against various security threats, including unauthorized access, data breaches, and tampering with terminal hardware or software



PAYHUB-AI is a payment processing and authorization solution. It is designed to facilitate secure and efficient transaction processing for banks, financial institutions, and service providers. Overall, PAYHUB-AI aims to provide a comprehensive and secure platform for processing financial transactions

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