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ATM Monitoring Software

Empowering ATM Operations with Next-Level Monitoring and Operational Oversight Solutions

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ATMMON - ATM Monitoring Software

ATMMON's system architecture is scalable and flexible, suiting diverse customer needs. It seamlessly integrates into different setups, from single to multi-server configurations, tailored to the ATM fleet's size and requirements.

It effectively communicates with ATM controllers, EFT Switches, and ATMs, ensuring smooth interoperability and custom interfaces if needed. This adaptable and interoperable design meets dynamic industry needs, making ATMMON a reliable solution for ATM fleet management

Manage your ATM fleets Remotely!

ATMMON serves as a centralized data hub for ATMs, gathering and sharing information across distributed locations, even with slow network connections. It employs robust networking protocols for seamless communication and layered security measures to safeguard sensitive banking data, ensuring efficient and secure data management for financial institutions

ATM Uptime, Transaction Trends

Monitor real-time and historic transaction trends on individual ATMs or across the entire fleet. Track operational and out-of-service ATMs

Electronic Journal (EJ) files

Smooth operation of onward processes like reconciliation is key. Electronic journals are vital for banks. ATMMON provides access

Service Faults

Identify ATM errors by card, terminal, and service failures to track key performance indicators and pinpoint root causes

Cash Availability

Gain ATM cash insights & optimize management by eliminating overstocking and understocking at each terminal.


Scalable Architecture

Compatible with various vendors' systems, adaptable to increased usage or data volume seamlessly

Multiple Connections

Enhances ATMMON Controller-Agent communication, improving system reliability during peak usage

Smooth Operation

Optimized for low-bandwidth networks like VSAT, ensuring smooth operation in challenging conditions

Checkpoint Restart

The Checkpoint Restart feature for data transfers, letting it resume from the last point if interrupted.

Port Handling, Encryption

Efficient Port management boosts data transfer speed, encryption secures transmitted messages & data integrity

Remote Access to ATMMON Agents

Remote access to Agent via Web Services streamlines data transfer, boosting efficiency and reliability

Auto Agent Update, Restart

The ATMMON Agent automatically updates and restarts, minimizing downtime for continuous operation

Screen Management

Easily schedule downloads, installations, and rollbacks of screens, optimizing ATM software managemen

Responsive Web UI

ATMMON's web-based UI with Ajax ensures user-friendly interaction, enhancing navigation and usability

Eliminates Manual EJ Retrieval

ATMMON streamlines Electronic Journal transfer from ATMs to the Server, automating for timely and accurate data transfer

Secured Data Transfer

EJ transfer is securely managed to prevent tampering or unauthorized access, ensuring data integrity

Reports and Dashboards

ATMMON offers automated reporting and dashboards for real-time insights, improving monitoring and decision-making

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